Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Mike Green Debate be damned. That's as good a way as any to start this blog, voicing my displeasure for having a story ripped away from me.

This afternoon, I was sitting at my cubicle contemplating a new blog entry focusing around the rising star of defenseman Mike Green, and thought to make the point that he could be a potential Norris Candidate (and dare I say winner) at season's end.

So imagine the shock when I finally thought that I would finally deliver some unique food for thought; only to be beaten to the punch by Mike G. Morreale and the fat cats at

Well doesn't that just beat all.

But at least in the grand scheme of it, this is a topic that can be delved into further, and FEAR THE WEAGLE has never had a problem being second best. So here's what we think of Green for Norris in 09.

Green has been on a torrent pace as of late, posting an incredible 20 points in his last fifteen games for the Southeast leading Capitals.

He ranks first amongst defensemen in goals scored (16) as well as in points (42), while averaging roughly 25 minutes a night on a young Washington blue line.

Oh, and did I mention that he's done all of this while missing 13 games?

The 23 year old Calgary, Alberta native is well on pace to eclipse last years point totals of 56, on his way to potentially being a 70 point scorer by seasons end.

The only defenseman to accomplish such a feat in the past decade is the Detroit Red Wings Nicklas Lidstrom who has scored 70 points or better on four separate occasions during his illustrious career.

And here's the kicker: Each of those years he was awarded the Norris Trophy as the NHL's most outstanding defenseman.

While the award goes to a defenseman who shows outstanding excellence in both the offensive and defensive parts of his game, it is hard to refute the facts in Green's case.

At the moment, he's on pace not only to lead the league in scoring for all defensemen but he is also ranked 5th in plus minus (19), a stat which holds it's weight in gold when considering the winner of this award.

Granted, last season Lidstrom was an outrageous plus 40, Green will be able to keep his name in the mix by staying amongst the leaders in this category.

And though he may not win the award - as Zdeno Chara seems like the popular front runner at the moment - it would be asinine to not at least give Green a nomination should he continue his current output the remainder of the year.

I'm sure if you asked Green the only trophy he wants to hoist come spring time is the Stanley Cup. And you could probably through the Conn Smythe in there as well.

But hey - the NHL's most outstanding defenseman has a nice right to it too. Only time will tell if Green cashes in on what has been a spectacular season to date.

How do you like them apples, Michael Morreale?

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